Sunday, July 18, 2010

e for emosi. -__-

i've been missing everyone lately. especially E and also K.

it's sad you know, i used to be close with these two, but all we are now are complete strangers.

i still see E every now and then, since he live nearby and we are still studying at same place.

however, we barely speak to each other. no conversations, no calls, no texts. no more. all out of sudden.

all we did was just lambai tangan and senyum, or awkward "Hi" when we bumped onto each other. or when other friends are around, baru ada berbual sikit.

i wish i knew what have i done wrong.

i tried to make conversations sometimes, but it just didn't work. it feels awkward tho.

but last week, i missed him so badly that i have the courage to text and
told him i miss him. indirectly.

he didn't reply tho.

few days later, he came and said it right into my face.

"rindu you jugak"

awwww :')

i miss you E. i really do. sometimes i wonder, if we still have the chance to reconnect.


and as for K,

he was always there for me. sometimes failed lah jugak, haha, but tak apa lagi.
but since he was always there, i was errm, a bit hooked to him.

until he met someone.

and ditched me just like that.

hilang, macam tu je.

it hurts a lot, but i tried to deal with it. i'm happy for him, i really do. but what hurts the most is that the fact that he just blah-ed away from my life, it's unfair don't you think?

tak apa lah.

point kat sini cuma nak cakap, i rindu 2 ekor monyet ni.

macam lah diaorang baca je blog ni. krr.


eh eh eh

hi i know i've been abandoning this blog for longgg, but haha takda orang kisah pun kan sebenarnya.

ok here's a quick update,

i'm still alive alhamdulillah, baru saja baik demam suara still sengau macam katak. new semester have just started, takda lah baru sangat it's been 2 weeks dah pun and hmm i dah masuk part 5, FINAL YEAR dah wuuuu!

anyways, last week was a bit depressing, with having to cope that germany only managed to get 3rd place in the world cup. screw paul the octopus and also his owner -__-" eh khurafat lah korang semua percaya sotong bangang ni. ish. however i had fun watching the final match with my housemates and also our neighbours. sumillll lah ramai2 tengok dekat melaka dalam hujan. hehe.

apa2 pun, can't wait till 2014! heard from someone that it will be held in Brazil? uber cool! :)

enough la kan pasal football, dah lapuk dah. hehe. bye

Thursday, July 01, 2010

hey bebe hey bebe heyyy

hai kawan kawan
rasaksa jahat kembali menakluki dunia
team wonderpets tetap menentang walaupun tak besar dan tak kuat.


lamanya tak update blog.
rasa awkward.
mcm jumpa balik bekas kekasih 5 tahun tak jumpa.
ok merepek.

tapi seriously lah.
macam tak tahu nak cerita apa.
ok itu tipu.
banyak cerita,
tapi tak tahu macam mana nak mula.


tak payah cerita lah.
habis cerita.


p/s : bengang? tak suruh baca pun hehehehehe